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PVC machine

Lock-hole milling machine for aluminum and PVC profile

SCX02-2*60 ...
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Performance characteristics
1  It is suitable for processing various kinds of installation hand holes and grooves for hardware.
2  Three twist drillers can drill PVC profile with steel inlaid.
3  The three-hole driller move from back to front, easy to operate.
4  Adopt standard copy template to control copy size, copy ratio 1:1, it is easily and fast for choice.
5  Adopt high speed copy milling head, three steps copy bit can adopt all kinds of copying size.
6  By controlling the scaleplate to change the processing position of hole
Technical parameters

Supply 380V/50HZ Three-hole drill depth 0~100mm
Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa Three-hole drill height 12~60mm
Air consumption 50L/min Total weight 300Kg
Total power 2.25KW Dimension (L*W*H) 1800*1130*1550mm
Copying spindle speed 12000r/min