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Extrusion machine

PVC Lamination machine

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PVC profile Lamination machine





This machine is used to stick the decorative film or paper onto the PVC plate, window or door board, fiber board, plywood board and others by glue.
It has two set of gluing device: smear the water soluble glue on the plate, smear the solvent-based glue on the decorative film or paper.
This machine is consist of dust removal device, substrate heating, affinity agent coating station, medium drying tunnel, upper drying tunnel, gluing, magnetic powder unwinding, rectifying mechanism, transmission wheel, etc, the detailed function as bellow:
1. Dust removal fan: it is used to remove floating dust and solidify the affinity agent.
2. Substrate heating: The main function is to cure the affinity agent, heat the surface of the substrate, and the surface temperature of the substrate is about 45 degrees.
3. Affinity workstation: mainly for affinity coating
4. Middle drying passage: The main function is to evaporate the solvent in the glue to soften the PVC film. The temperature is preferably 45 degrees.
5. Gluing: Gluing function, the thickness of glue is 0.08 mm, and 0.03-0.04 mm after curing.
6. Magnetic powder unwinding: Place a PVC film to keep the film tension even.
7. Correction mechanism: adjust PVC film
8. Transmission wheel: conveying substrate with high precision and flatness ≦0.1 mm

Technical parameters:

Max. coating film width  300mm(can specially made more size)
Coating film speed   0-30m/min
Total power   15KW
 Machine weight  1800KG
 Dimension  5000*940*1800mm