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Glass machine

Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line

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Main features:
1.Rinsing sector and washing sector adopt stainless steel and resistant materials. All three pairs of brushes with high-density fur could clean all kinds of Low-E glass and coated glass. Three pairs of brushes independently run, spacing of both brushes is adjustable, all operations use CNC automation program running.
2.Used for producing double glass and three glass hollow glass, long glass (long glass can be secondary plate pressed)
3.Automatic or manual operate.
4.Pressing section uses hydraulic drive system and automatic maintenance function.
5.Drying section uses circular hot air, improves the cleaning speed, maintains dry, reduces noise.
6.The machine is equipped with an advanced intelligent cleaning system.
7.Option: 1.direction of glass movement. 2. inflatable function device.
Technical Parameter

Input power source 380V/50Hz
Total power 30KW
Glass size(l*h) min450*300mm
Insulating glass thickness 50mm
Washing speed 0-13m/min
Max. Working speed 50m/min
Air consumption 1m3/,min
External dimension 23000*2800*3420mm