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Aluminum machine

Multi-head combination drilling machine

LZHZ6-13 ...
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Performance characteristics
1 Used for drilling kinds of holes of aluminum and wall-curtain profiles.
2 Adopt programmable logic controller (PLC), ensure the machine running steady and reliable.
3 The drilling heads can be used individually, combinative, jointly as well as be combined with random.
4 The feed is controlled by gas-liquid damping cylinder ensures the stable operation and adjustable linear speed.
5 Option: Adopt the multi-head drilling base, ensures processing multiple groups of holes at the same time.
6 Power unit from two heads to six heads are optional(customer-making).
Technical parameters

Supply: 380V/50HZ Power head Forward/reverse stroke 130mm
Air pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa Power head up/down stroke 250mm
Air consumption 60L/min Drilling head stroke 125mm
Power supply 7KW Working table dimension 300*300mm
Spindle rotation speed 1400r/min Profile section dimension(W*H) 250×250mm
Max. drilling Dia. ∮13mm Dimension(L*W*H) 6000×1000×1900mm
Hole to hole distance. 300mm~5000mm Weight 1800kg