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Mini Stretch Wrapping Machine EN600F

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EH600L Luggage wrapper is specially designed for wrapping the luggage from damaged, scatter and lose in the Airplane or Railway Station. This machine can wrap six sides of luggage with LLDPE stretch wrap film. Wrapped luggage looks cleanness, beauty and safety.


² Powder Coating, durable and beautiful

Control Features:

² The turntable speed can be adjustable 6-20rpm with inverter

² Powered Pre-stretch film carriage, film tension go to 250%.

² Film carriage can go up-down to full wrap luggage.

² Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor

² Photoelectrical switch sense the height of luggage.

² Counting luggage in a day on the control panel.

² With operator in Automatic or in Manual

² Battery Lasts At least Six Hours (Battery Model) :optional

Service promise:

1. The equipment maintenance for lifetime . The guarantee time is in 12 months.

2. Present one roll of stretch film on the machine as gift.

3. the equipment has passed CE Certificate.

Technical parameter:

Max loading size(L*W*H) (400-800)mm× (180-350)mm×(300-800)mm
Turntable speed 6-20rpm
Packing efficiency 20-40 loads / hour
Turntable weight capacity 100kg
Machine weight 200kg
Film carriage system Powered pre-stretch system
Machine dimension L1750×W650×H1550mm
Machine power 0.75KW
Electric 220V 50/60HZ 1Phase (standard)
  Battery (optional)
Material LLDPE - Stretch Film
Film Thickness 17-35 µm
Film Width 500 mm
Core Diameter 76.2 mm
Maximum Film. Diameter 260 mm
Max. weight of film roll 15 kg


Name of parts brand Origin
1. Integrator of PLC & HMI Xinje China
2. Inverter AFSEN Taiwan
3. Photoelectrical switch BANNER America
4. Relay OMRON Japan
5. Motor for stretch  film   China
6. Motor for film carriage up-down   China
7. Motor for turntable rotation   China